2022 SESCAL Exhibits

Multi-Frame Exhibits

Philatelic Exhibits



No SESCAL show in 2023 or in the Foreseeable Future!

The 78th Annual Stamp Exhibition of Southern California (SESCAL) was held in October and presented the 1st ever virtual philatelic exhibits at SESCAL.  The exhibit consisted of 42 separate exhibits for 142 frames.  These exhibits are still available for your pleasure.

The 2022 Philatelic Jury

Elizabeth M. Hisey, University Park, FL –  Chief Judge,
Patricia Stilwell Walker, University Park, FL
Douglas Clark, Marstons Mills, MA
Dr. Akthem Al-Manaseer, San Jose, CA
Guy M. Purington, Columbus, OH

2022 Palmares


Besides the unlimited number of awards for seven medal levels, the following special awards are available:

All Muti-Frame Exhibits

  •  SESCAL Grand Award (provided by the International Society for Japaneses Philately).
  • SESCAL George Bennett Memorial Reserve Grand Award,
  • American Topical Association: First Award; Second Award; Third Award.

Special Awards

  • American Philatelic Society Medals of Excellence: Pre 1900, 1900-1940, 1940-1980, Post 1980.
  • American Philatelic Society Research Medal.
  • American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors: Gold Award of Honor (2); Creativity Award;  Novice Certificate; Award of Excellence-Treatment; and Jean Benninghoff Encouragement Award.
  • American Revenue Association Best Revenue Exhibit Award
  • American Philatelic Congress Award
  • Armenian Philatelic Association Award
  • British North America Philatelic Society Best BNA Exhibit Award
  • British North America Philatelic Society Best BNA Research Award
  • “It’s Not Just Stamps”.
  • Postal History Society Medal.
  • ROSSICA Best Russian Exhibit; President’s Award for Best Non-Gold Russian Exhibit.
  • SESCAL Back of the Book Award.
  • The Philatelic Foundation Award
  • United Postal Stationery Society Single Frame Award
  • United States Stamp Society Statue of Freedom Medal
  • United States Stamp Society Statue of Freedom