Navigation of Exhibit Pages

  1. Click on any page to view an enlarged image.  On the enlarged image, click on the green right arrow to view the next page OR the green left arrow to view the previous page. When an exhibit has varying page sizes and the frame has blank pages, please click the corresponding arrow until the next actual page is seen.
  2.  At any time, exit the enlarged image by clicking on the “X” immediately above the image at the top right to return to the frame view.  Note: Clicking anywhere in the dark border area around the page except near the green arrows will also exit the enlarged image.
  3.  When you reach the end of a frame, you will loop back to the beginning of the frame.  Simply click “X” as in 2 above, move to and click on the first page of the next frame.  (Multi-frame exhibits only)
  4.  If you seem to be in a loop when viewing exhibits in the enlarged mode, click “X”, then move to and click on the page you wish to view.

 See red arrows in image at left for position of the green navigation arrows and white  “x”.