SESCAL  1945-2022


For 78 Years SESCAL was held as the Annual Stamp Exhibition in Southern California


This show was the World Series of Philately stamp exhibition held in the Los Angeles area.  Until 2019 it was the major event of the Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California. After that it became the major event of The Philatelic Society of Los Angeles.



No SESCAL show in 2023 or in the Foreseeable Future!

2022 SESCAL Committee

We are pleased to introduce the collectors and non-collectors (all unpaid volunteers) who are responsible for putting SESCAL together each year. Some of these people have been working with this exhibition for over 40 years, others are new to the Committee.  It is their knowledge and labor that helps put the show together each year. There are photos of many of the committee members. As other photos are acquired, they will be added here.

Volunteer are still needed to help. For instance: Artem needs helpers who can volunteer to help fill in the schedule so the desk is covered at all times. Christine needs helpers to pick up the orders from the dealers and to deliver the food during the lunch hour.

NoteFirst year each volunteer served is in parentheses.

Ed Kawasaki

General Chairman (2019)
Ed Kawasaki

Fred GregoryDealer Bourse Chairman (2013)
Fred Gregory

Meeting and Society Director (2022)
Acting Dealer Chairman (2022)
At-the-Show Dealer Chairman (2022)
Igor Grigorian

Secretary to the Jury (2020)
Philatelic Exhibit Software Tester (2022)

Scott Prior

Exhibits Chairman (1993)
Howard Green

Betty Green

Banquet Chair (2003)
Betty Green

Bill Janson

Youth Activities Coordinator (2007)
Bill Janson

Lois M. Evans de Violini

Literature Exhibits Chairman (2020)
Webmaster (2011)
Finance  (2020)

Lois M. Evans


Steve Radell

Frame Guru (2008)
Assistant Finance Director (2022)
Steven Radell

Jerome Kasper

Philatelic Exhibit Software Director (2022)
Show Layout Manager (2022)

Jerome Kasper

Awards Chairman (2022)
Show Program Editor (2022)
Igor Grigorian

Publicity Director (2022)
Leo Martyn

Christine Brean

Food Director (2022)
Registration (2022)

Christine Brean

Show Cover Graphic Artist (2022)
Guy Bell

Founded in 1927, the objective of The Philatelic Society of Los Angeles is to promote, study, encourage and develop all aspects of philately with an emphasis on research and education.  It meets twice a month for presentations and philatelic sharing. Additional information is available at

Updated April 3, 2023