Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California


This section of the website is dedicated to the preservation of the long 75 year history of SESCAL when it was sponsored by the FPCSC.

Federation Medal




Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California

Distinguished Service Award

For Valuable Contributions to the Advancement and Enrichment of Philately

Recipients are selected from among active philatelists living in southern California. Their achievements may be national or international in scope as well as local. This award may be given only once to an individual or a couple. The awardee then heads the committee to select the following year’s recipient. The presentation is made at the annual SESCAL awards banquet.

2016Not Awarded2015Steven Radell
2014Bill Jansen2013Carl Shaff II
2012Betty Green and Jean Kasper2011David C. Pietsch
2010Jerry & Gerry Winerman2009William A. O'Connor
2008Not Awarded 2007Dr. Gennaro Santangelo*
2006Dr. Larry Sherman2005Alan C. Campbell
2004Fran Adams2003Dr. Jerome V.V. Kasper
2002Dr. Larry Parks2001John S. Weigle*
2000Ray Clary* 1999 Howard P. Green
1998Lester Lanphear, III1997George W. Bowman
1996 Al and Greta Hardy1995Wallace A. Craig
1994Lois M. Evans-de Violini1993Joann Thomas*
1992Emery and Ursula Nadasy*1991Werner and Waltraud Helms*
1990James and Marian Bowman*1989Dulcie Apgar
1988Robert W. Thompson1987John Griffiths*
1986David Leeds*1985 Carl Kilgas*
1984Richard S. Willing1981Nancy Bleasdale
1980John G. Fluck*1979John J. Blessington*
1978Barbara W. de Violini*1977Alexander Gage & Edward Fladung*
1976 Denver and Marie Henline*1975 Sidney J. Coyne & Jack Stone* (posth)
1974Arthur D. Thomas*1973Waller Sager*
1972Emerson A. Clark*1971Klaas and Louise van Ingen*
1970C.W. (Bert) Christian*1969 Emily Moorefield*
1968W.E. (Gene) Tinsley* 1967Earl Oakley*


Exemplary Service Award 2008

Wallace Craig

Presented by Dr. Jerome V. V. Kasper

There is a special award that was established in 1987 and has been awarded to only five individuals since its inception. This “Exemplary Service Award” is given to a person ‘whose dedication and efforts towards the advancement of Philately merits recognition’.

“We are fortunate to have four of the five past recipients with us tonight. Will Marian and Jim Bowman and Waltraud and Werner Helms please stand. Their awards were presented to them in 1993, 14 years ago. Their service since then as been no less!! Thank you for all you have done and will do for philately.

“This year, a sixth person is being honored. Southern California has been fortunate to have numerous individuals who have in many ways served philately. The award is presented tonight to one who has led many of these efforts for years, contributed to Philately in various ways, and has been critical to the success of SESCAL, the Federation’s stamp exhibition.

“I am honored to present the Federation’s ‘Exemplary Service Award’ to Wallace Craig. Please come forward to receive the plaque symbolizing this award. Although you are stepping down as SESCAL General Chairman, we know that you will continue for many years to serve Philately” …Dr. Jerome V. V. Kasper

The Philatelic Review

Newsletter of The Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California
edited by John S. Weigle