The 73rd Annual Stamp Exhibition of Southern California
Oct. 13-15, 2017

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SESCAL 2017 is pleased to host the National Conventions of:

Rossica Society


More about the Rossica Society on their website.


U.S. Cancellation Club

The US Cancellation n Club (USCC) was organized in 1938. It is the leading philatelic society devoted to the study and publication of information on obliterators used on 19th century United States stamps. Because we are such a diverse group geographically we do not have any one place that we call our headquarters. Although most of the members reside in the United States we do have members who live abroad. We stay in touch with each other and exchange information through the Club's quarterly publication, the USCC NEWS, which is included with membership.

An annual meeting like our meeting at SESCAL allows for old friendships to be renewed, for cancellations to be discussed and for Club business to be conducted. During these meetings, members have informal gatherings and discussion groups. Likewise, on a more formal basis, members also conduct seminars and tutorials on their collecting specialities.

If you have an interest in the study of United States postal history and, in particular, the various obliterators found on 19th century United Stamps, then you should consider joining the USCC.

For more about the U.S. Cancellation Club and its regional meetings contact.

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Last updated - September 26, 2017