SESCAL 1999 Palmares

October 1-3, 1999

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  The awards are listed by medal level. Special awards are listed with the exhibit.
The Literature awards follow the Philatelic award listing

Philatelic Jury
James W. Bowman, Chairman -- Lubbock, Texas
Sam Chiu -- Willowdale, Ontario, Canada
Dr. Robert F. Taylor -- Sanford, North Carolina
Dr. Paul E. Tyler -- Albuquerque, New Mexico
David L. Herendeen -- Torrance, California

Exhibit Title
Grand Award

  The Unit Basic Silver Yuan Issues of China, 1949
  SESCAL Gold Award,  China Stamp Society Award for Best China Exhibit
  Chia Nan Chapter Merit Award,   Michael Rogers Best Asia Award
 Choi Cheong-Too 
RESERVE GRAND AWARD / The George Bennett Memorial Award

  Classic Issues of the Colombian States
  SESCAL Gold Award,  APS Best 19th Century Medal
 Dr. Gene Scott
Gold Awards
     Classic Issues of the Colombian States  Dr. Gene Scott

  Philippines: Errors and Varieties on Stamps of the Surcharge Era 1881-1888
  International Philippines Philatelic Society Medal
 Richard D. Miggins 
     By LZ-129 to North America  Martin H. Feibusch 
    Postal Shortages, and Surcharged Issues of Newfoundland  Norris R. Dyer 

  Confederate States of America, 1861-65
  Postal History Society Medal
  U.S. Classics Society Medal
 Richard A. Corwin 

  Southern Classics - Confederate States of America General Issues
  Lynne Warm-Griffiths Memorial Award
 Gene Hastings 
     Washington-Franklin 1 cent, 1908-1921  Patrick Murphy 
     Sarawak: Lithographed Issues of 1869, 1871, and 1875 and Associated
  Provisionals of 1892 and 1899
 Art Bunce 

  Siamese Clubbed Packet Mail to China
  Director General of Chinese Post Merit Award
 H. R. Blakeney 
    The Unit Basic Silver Yuan Issues of China, 1949
  See Grand Award listing
 Choi Cheong-Too 

  Prexie Postal History
  APS Best 1940-1980 Medal
  Bureau Issues Association Medal
 Dickson H. Preston 

  USA Pioneer Airmails - 1911-1916
  APS Best 20th Century to 1940 Medal
  American Air Mail Society Award
 Dr. Gene Scott 

  Chinese Airmails (1920-1941)
  SESCAL Chairman's Award
 Xu May 
Vermeil Awards
     United States Airpost, 1910-1939  Richard A. Corwin 

  U. S. Registry Labels
  SESCAL Back of the Book Award
 Arthur F. Bostwick 

  New Caledonia Postal History, The War Years, 1941-1945
  APS Research Medal
 Stanley C. Jersey 
     Macau: King Carlos I  Stephen T.Y. Chan 

  Tibet: Stamps and Postal History
  AAPE Award of Honor
 Alan Warren 

  The Postage Rate of China (1945-1948)
  Westpex Award
 Ding Ke-Ji  
Silver Awards
    Macau Classic Postage Stamps  Chan Fung Kuen, Patricia  
     China's Airpost Philately, 1920-1937  Merrill L. Bartlett 

  Shades - United States 3 cent 1861-67, An Original Research
  AAPE Creativity Medal
 Abe Boyarsky 

  Polynesian Seafaring
  ATA Gold Award
  AAPE Award of Honor
 John F. Mahoney 

  Youth Silver - Mail Services of Nineteenth-Century California  
  AAPE Youth Grand Award
  JPA Award, H.E. Harris Ribbon
 Kent Kuran 
     A Peek at 20 Years of Swiss Philately  Steve Turchik 
    Old Ironsides Comes To California  Allen Klein 

  Postage Paid Datemark of New China (1949 - 1980)
  Norman W. Townsend Award - Best First Time China Exhibit
 Zhang Yizhi 
Silver-Bronze Awards
     Early Aviation and Airmail in Southern California, 1910-1931  Don L. Evans 
     China: The Northwest Scientific Expedition Set of 1932  David Lu 
Bronze Awards
     Official Business -- U.S. Navy  Lin Heng-Fu 
Single-Frame Exhibits
  Local Type-set Provisional Stamp of Macau
 Choi Cheong-Too 
  The 10-Cent Postal Insurance Booklet
 Alan L. Moll 

  Classic Colors! On the Origin of Stamp Combinations of Four or More
  Denominations on Documents of the Civil War Era

  ARA Silver Award
 Michael Mahler 
     Stamp Tax on Nevada Territory Stock Certificates: A Geographical Analysis  Michael Mahler 
     Szechwan: Anti-Bandit Control of Chungking and Chentu  Danny Ko 
    The International Aerogrammes of China  David Lu 
  Hawaii - 2 cent Brown of 1894
 Dennis Jackson 

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Literature Awards

Literature Jury
Robert de Violini, Chairman -- Oxnard, California
Michael O. Nowlan -- Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada
Dr. Paul E. Tyler -- Albuquerque, New Mexico
Dr. Reuben A. Ramkissoon, Apprentice -- Oak Brook, Illinois

Author or Editor & Society
Publication Title      
    A = Handbook/Special Studies
    B = Periodicals
Gold Awards      
  Lewis, Ken                             A   The Rural Postal Service of Cyprus, 1886-1999 (CD-ROM)
  With Felicitations of the Jury
  Kenneth Trettin, ed.                 B
    The American Revenue Assn.
  The American Revenuer
Vermeil Awards      
  Lyons, Larry                           A   The Identifier for Carriers, Locals, Fakes, Forgeries and
  Bogus Posts of the United States.
Vols. I, II, III
  Schonfeld, Josef,                     A
  William A. Barber & A. Frank Brown
  The Impressed Duty Stamps of Great Britain
  Don Alexander, ed.                 B
    China Stamp Society
  The China Clipper
  Barry Newton, ed.                  B
    American First Day Cover Society
  First Days
  Stout, Doug, ed.                     B
    Mexico Elmhurst Philatelic Soc., Intl.
Silver Awards     
  Barber, William A.   The Impressed Duty Stamps of the British Colonial Empire
  Baur, Brian C.   Franklin D. Roosevelt - the Stamp Collecting President
  Kruger, Stanley J. & Don Alexander   Postal Stationery of Shanghai and Treaty Ports
  Moll, Alan L.   U.S. Postal Booklet and Cover Catalog:
      Postal Insurance Booklets, 1965-1985
  Pratt, Richard W.   Imperial China - History of the Posts, Vol 2 - 1897
  Swenson, Charles A.L.   1999 Catalog of the Roman-Letter Swordguard Postmarks of Japan  
  John G. Peebles, ed.
    Canadiana Study Unit
  The Canadian Connection
  Mark Maestrone, ed.
    Sports Philatelists International
  Journal of Sports Philately
Silver-Bronze Awards     
  Kelly, Gene   Catalogs of the Fiscal Stamps of Switzerland,
  Vol. 9, Kanton Tax Stamps of Bern
  Alena Pascual, ed.
    Philatelic Music Circle
  The Baton
  Dale Speirs, ed.
    Calgary Philatelic Society
  Calgary Philatelist

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