SESCAL 1998 Palmares

October 2-4, 1998

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  The awards are listed by medal level. Special awards are listed with the exhibit.
The Literature awards follow the Philatelic award listing

Philatelic Jury

John Livesay, Chairman -- Old Greenwich, Connecticut
Earl Galitz -- Unknown
Janet Klug -- Pleasant Plain, Ohio
Diane Bohret -- Virginia Beach, Virginia
Danny Ko -- Mission Viejo, California
Consultant to the judges for Nepal/Tibet - Frank Vignola


Exhibit Title

“Patent Medicine” Companies of the Civil War and Reconstruction Era
  SESCAL Gold Award
  Lynne Warm-Griffiths Memorial Award,  ARA Gold Medal
 Donald E. Green 
RESERVE GRAND AWARD / The George Bennett Memorial Award

  U.S. Special Delivery Issues, The 10-Cent Rate
  SESCAL Gold Award,  APS Best 1900-1940 Award
 Robert L. Markovits
Gold Awards

  The Resurgence of Hunting and Fishing on Indian Reservations
  APS Best Post-1980 Award
  APS Best Research Award
  ARA Gold Medal
 Michael Jaffe

  The U.S. 2-Cent Red Washington, 1908-1921
  Bureau Issues Assn Medal
 Art Bostwick 

  Federated States of Malaya, 1891-1900
  APS Best 19th Century Award
 Nestor Nuñez 

  Cracow Postal History Before 1918
  SESCAL Chairman's Award
 Frank M. Wiatr 

  1936 Olympische Spiele
  American Topical Association Gold Medal
 James A. Bowman 

  Nepal, 1772 to the Present
  India Study Circle Award
  Michael Rogers Best Asia Award
 Armand E. Singer 

  U.S. Navy Mail in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries
 Robert D. Rawlins 

  Israel - Do'ar Ivri Issue
  APS Best 1940-1980 Award
 Robert B. Pildes, M.D. 

  Youth Gold - Central Lithuania
  Junior Philatelists of America Award
  H. E. Harris Ribbon
 Dzintars Grinfelds 
Vermeil Awards

  Philippines: Errors & Varieties on Stamps of the Surcharge Era, 1881-1888
  AAPE Award of Honor
 Richard D. Miggins 

  United States Navy Rigid Airship Mail, 1924-1934
  American Air Mail Society Award
 Allen Klein 

  Mexico, "A Study of the Thin Figure Stamps of 1868 & 1869"
  AAPE Award of Honor
 Doug Stout 
    Nepal: Development of its Postal System  Lawrence B. Scott 

  Mail Between Nepal and Tibet  Leo Martyn 

  Turkey: Star and Crescent Issues of 1923-24  Menachim Mayo 

  Lithuanian Air Post Issues  Vesma Grinfelds 
Silver Awards

  Mask Lore
  American Topical Association Silver Medal
 Carolyn A. Weber 
    Lt. Col. F.M. Bailey, C.I.E., Explorer, Special Agent  Frealon Bibbins  
     Russia in Space  Gerhardt Bill Kaufmann 

  Swiss Fondue  Bruce Marsden 

  The Romanov Tercentenary Issue of Russia  George V. Shalimoff 
     75th Anniversary of the Universal Postal Union  Steve Turchik 
    Used U.S. 19th Century Classics  Richard M. Searing 

  Vienna Pneumatic Post, 1875-1900  John G. Fluck 
Silver-Bronze Awards
     In Memory of President Chiang Kai-Shek  Dr. David T. Huang 
     China: The Northwest Scientific Expedition Set of 1932  David Lu 

  Florida: A Fiscal History, 1865-1872
 American Revenue Association Single Frame Gold Award
 Michael Mahler 
  Local Type-set Provisional Stamp of Macau
 George W. Bowman 
  Cotton from Seed to Cloth: A Fiscal History 1865-1872
 Michael Mahler 
        The CB&Q Find  Michael Mahler 
  The Yellow Ochre and Bistre 1/2 Tranka Stamps of Tibet
 Frealon Bibbins

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  solar spectrum


Literature Awards

Literature Jury

James Jefferson, Chairman -- Pacifica, California
Stanley J. Luft -- Golden, Colorado
Lois M. Evans-de Violini -- Oxnard, California

Author or Editor & Society
Publication Title      
    A = Handbook/Special Studies
    B = Periodicals
Gold Awards      
  Barth Healey, Editor              A
    The American Philatelic Congress
  The Congress Book, 1998
  James A. Mackay                 A   Under the Gum: Background to British Stamps, 1840-1940
  Colin Tabeart                        A   Robertson Revisited: A Study of the Maritime Postal Markings
  of the British Isles, based on the work of Alan W. Robertson
  Kenneth Trettin, Editor          B
    The American Revenue Assn.
  The American Revenuer
Vermeil Awards      
  Carlos Fernandez                 A   Catalogo de Estampillas Postales de Mexico 1856-1996
  Nicholas Follansbee             A   A Catalog of the Stamps of Mexico, 1856-1900
  J. Eric Slone, Editor             A   Postal History and Stamps of Tannu Tuva
  (Translated from Russian by Jim Hogg)
  Doug Stout, Editor               B
    Mexico Elmhurst Philatelic Soc., Intl.
  John K. Doyle                     B
    German Colonies Collectors Group
Silver Awards     
  William T. McDonald           A   Revenues of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey, 2nd. ed.
  David Lu                             A   The International Postal Route of China, 1914-1945
  Gary N. McLean, Editor      B
    Korean Stamp Society
  Korean Philately
Silver-Bronze Awards     
  Leo Martyn, Editor               B
    Nepal and Tibet Philatelic Study Circle
  Postal Himal

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