SESCAL 2000 Palmares

October 6-8, 2000

solar spectrum

  The awards are listed by medal level. Special awards are listed with the exhibit.
The Literature awards follow the Philatelic awards listing

Philatelic Jury
Stephen Reinhard, Chairman -- Mineola, New York
Le Roy Collins -- Norfolk, Virginia
Richard Corwin -- La Jolla, California
Danny Ko -- Mission Viejo, California
Dr. Yavuz Corapcioglu -- Brian, Texas
Deter Leder, Apprentice -- Meersburg, Germany

Exhibit Title

  Department of Justice United States Official Stamps, 1873-1884
  SESCAL Gold Award
  U.S. Stamps Society - BIA Medal
 Theodore Lockyear 
RESERVE GRAND AWARD / The George Bennett Memorial Award

  Commercial Zeppelin Mail, 1928-1937
  SESCAL Gold Award
  AAMS Grand Award
  GPS Gold Award
 Dickson H. Preston 
Gold Awards

  Canal Zone Postal Stationery - 1907-1924
  UPSS Marcus White Medal
 Irwin J. Gibbs

  Commercial Air Mail Rates from Palestine to the Americas,
  3 Aug 1933-30 Apr 1948

  AAMS Gold
  APS Best 1940-1980 Award
 Leslie A. Bard 

  German North Atlantic Catapult Airmail and Feeder Flights,

  AAMS Gold
  APS Best 20th Century to 1940 Award
  GPS Bronze Award
 Werner Helms 

  The U. S. 1861 Three-Cent Issue
  Lynne Warm-Griffiths Memorial Award for Best US Classics to 1902
 Leonard Holmsten 

  Chefoo, 1880-1911
  Michael Rogers Best Asia Award
  PRC Chapter Award; CSS of Taipei Chapter Award
 Sam Chiu 

  DLH South Atlantic 1934-1939
  AAMS Gold
 James W. Graue 

  Hawaiian Revenues
  ARA Award
  SESCAL Chairman's Award
 Richard Malmgren 

  U. S. Documentary Fiscal History of the Civil War Era, 1862-72
  US Philatelic Classics Society Medal
 Michael Mahler 

  International Mail Routes of Imperial China (1800s to 1911)
  APS Best Research Award
  China Stamp Society Best China Award
  Postal History Society Medal
 Kam Yuen Choy 

 The Legend of Lindbergh
  AAMS Gold Medal
 Derrick Pillage 

 Württemberg: Evolution of the Postal Services
  APS Best 19th Century Award
  GPS Silver Award
 Karl H. Schimmer, MD 
    Postal History of the American Forces in China 1900-1941  Alfred F. Kugel 
    Hawaiian Stamped Envelopes  Richard Malmgren 

 Youth Gold - Postal History of California to 1900
  AAPE Youth Grand Award
  JPA Award
 Kent Kuran 
Vermeil Awards

  The Heart Is Life
  ATA First Award
  AAPE Creativity Award
 Steve Boorn

  Haiti - Airmail Development Through 1948
  AAMS Vermeil
 Barbara A. Levine 

  China Clipper (1935-1941)
  AAMS Vermeil
 David Lu 

  Egyptian Postal History: Covers - 1866-1913
  AAPE Award for Excellence of Presentation
 Richard S. Wilson 

  Swiss Treaty Mail and the Graf Zeppelin's Flights to South America,

  AAMS Vermeil Medal
 Michael Peter 

  Mask Lore
  ATA Second Award
 Carolyn A. Weber 

  Cuba - Air Mail Service, 1914-1939
  AAMS Vermeil Medal
 Robert B. Spooner 

  Chinese Airmails and Their Forerunners
  AAMS Vermeil Medal
  CSS Los Angeles Chia Nan Chapter Merit Award for post-1911 Revolution
 David Lu 

  Development of Hungary's Airmail 1896-1945
  AAMS Vermeil Medal
 Dr. Paul J. Szilagyi 

  The Republic of Panama and Related Aerophilately 1918-1938
  AAMS Vermeil Medal
 Allan M. Harris 
    Nauru: German Colonial and Overprint Periods  “Carrington” 
Silver Awards
    Tannu Tuva 1921-1943  Richard Clever 

  AAPE Award for Excellence of Presentation
 Richard Clever 
    South Australia, 1840-1912  Ron Rhodes 

  FAM 14: 1935-1943
  AAMS Silver Medal
 William J. Drummond 

  China - 1894-95 New Designations of the Stamps and Settings of the
  Provisional Postage Due Overprints of The Chinkiang Local Post

  CSS Chiu Chin Shan Chap. James R. Lee Memorial Awd. for Artistic Achievement
 William L. Kullman 
   United States of America, A Sampling of Used Plate Numbers Prior to 1908  Carl Shaff II  
Silver-Bronze Awards

  Aerogramme Errors, Freaks and Oddities
  AAMS Silver-bronze Medal
 Jerome V.V. Kasper 
   Expo '58  Fredric C. Lynch 

 Chinese Republic: 1914-1949 Early Usages - A Research Study
  CSS Norman W. Townsend Memorial Awd. for Best First-time China Exhibitor
 Steven C. Frumkin  
Bronze Awards

  India (Post-Independence)
  India Study Circle Award
 Gopi K. Kolli 

  New Zealand Pigeon Post 1898-99: World's First Definitive Air Mail Stamp
  AAMS Gold Certificate
  SESCAL Back of the Book Award
 Paul M. Zatulove 

 New Zealand Prisoner of War Aerogrammes
  AAMS Gold Certificate
 Jerome V.V. Kasper 

  Visitors On Board Mail
  AAMS Vermeil Certificate
 Siegfried G. Scheike 

 SCADTA Postal Stationery
  AAMS Vermeil Certificate
 Jerome V. V. Kasper 

  Flight of The Jenny
  AAMS Vermeil Certificate
 Derrick Pillage 
    G.R.I. Overprints of New Guinea: 1914-15  Paul M. Zatulove

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  solar spectrum

Literature Awards

Literature Jury
Dr. Guy Dillaway, Chairman -- Weston, Massachusetts
Dr. John Kevin Doyle -- Lisle, Illinois
James W. Graue -- Valleyford, Washington

Author or Editor & Society
Publication Title      
    A = Handbook/Special Studies
    B = Periodicals
Gold Awards      
  Mahler, Michael           A   Catalog of United States Revenue Stamped Documents of the
  Civil War Era by Type and Tax Rate
  Payne, Robert J.           A   Thomas Leavitt, His History and Postal Markings, 1875-1892
Vermeil Awards      
  Cohn, Ernst                 A   Unusual Mail in Occupied France 1870-71
  Stanley Luft, ed.           B
    France & Colonies Philatelic Society
  France & Colonies Philatelist
  Stout, Doug, ed.           B
    Mexico Elmhurst Philatelic Soc., Intl.
  Glenn Spies, ed.           B
    United Postal Stationery Society
  Postal Stationery
  Paul Albright, ed.         B
    Scandinavian Collectors Club
  The Posthorn
Silver Awards     
  Mintz, Allen, ed.                   A   Cutting Knives of the 19th and 20th Century Envelopes
  and Wrappers of the United States of America
  Moll, Herbert H.                   A   Postal Stationery of Peru
  Swenson, Charles A.L.         A   An Introduction to Japanese Philatelic Terms
  Richard Speilberg, ed.           B
    Canal Zone Study Group
  Canal Zone Philatelist
  Michael Connolly, ed.           B
    Érie Philatelic Association
  Irish Philatelic Newsletter
Silver-Bronze Awards     
  Ross, Joe & Federico Brid       A   Panama Telegraph Stamps
  Swanson, Bob                         A   Domestic United States Military Facilities of the
  First World War (1917-1919)
  Michael Cress, ed.                   B
    Orange County Philatelic Society
  Orange County Philatelic Society Newsletter
  Cora Collins, ed.                      B
    International Philatelic Golf Society
  Tee Time

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