SESCAL 2005 Palmares

October 7-9, 2005

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SESCAL Gold medal The awards are listed by medal level, and grouped by subject area. Although
Major Awards are shown at the top, all special awards are listed with the exhibit.
The awards for Single-Frame exhibits are listed separately by medal level.

Philatelic Jury

F. Burton (Bud) Sellers, Chairman, Sun City, AZ
Joe Foley, Riva, MD
Dickson Preston, Seattle, WA
Paul Tyler, Albuquerque, NM
Hal Vogel, Rancocas, NJ
Akthem Al-Manaseer, Apprentice, San Jose, CA


  Uses of the 1954 Liberty Series   Anthony Wawrukiewicz
RESERVE GRAND AWARD / The George Bennett Memorial Award

  Ireland Postal Stationery 1922-1942   Bernard Clancy

  Earliest Arctic Polar Mail   Eileen Hall

  Egyptian Salt Revenues
  Richard Miggins


 Gold Medals  
  20 Cent Flag of 1981
    APS Medal of Excellence: Post-1980
  Tim Lindemuth
  Air Letter Sheets (Aerogrammes) of Trinidad & Tobago 1943-88   Dr. Reuben A. Ramkissoon
  Federal Migratory Bird Hunting Stamps
    American Revenue Association Award
  Charles J. Ekstrom III
  Tobago 1772 - 1906
    APS Medal of Excellence: 1900-1940
    British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group Award
  Dr. Reuben A. Ramkissoon
  Railway Letter Stamps of Ireland
    WESTPEX Merit Award
  David J. Brennan
  The Expansion of Greece 1897 - 1922
    APS Medal of Excellence: Pre-1900
    Postal History Society Award
  Alfred F. Kugel
  The Postage Rate of China (1945 - 1948)   David Lu
  Campaigning in the Philippines 1898 - 1902   Nestor C. Nunez
  Uses of the 1954 Liberty Series
    APS Medal of Excellence: 1940-1980
    United States Stamp Society Bureau Issues Association Medal
  Anthony Wawrukiewicz
  The Usage of Switzerland's Sitting Helvetia Issue of 1854 - 1863
    American Helvetica Society Bronze Medal
  Steve P. Turchik
  Blood's Despatch Post 1845 - 1862
    United States Classics Society Medal
  Dick Corwin
  Scott and Shackleton in the Antarctic
    SESCAL Chairman's Merit Award
  J. Edgar Williams
  The Nautilus Odyssey
    American Society of Polar Philatelists Reserve Grand Award
  Robert D. Rawlins
  Federated States of Malaya 1891 - 1900
    Michael Rogers Best Asia Award
  Nestor C. Nunez
  U. S. Internment Camp Mail in World War II
    APS Research Medal
  Louis Fiset
  Across the Danish Border
    American Philatelic Congress Award
  Mark Lorentzen
  The 1867-68 Provisional Issues of the Hidalgos   David C. Pietsch
  The John Ericsson Issue and its First Day Covers
    American First Day Cover Society
  Alan Warren
  Gold Rush Days   Dennis Hassler
  Ireland Postal Stationery 1922-1942
    RESERVE GRAND AWARD / The George Bennett Memorial Award
    Mercer R. Bower Multi-Frame-Memorial Award
    United Postal Stationery Society Marcus White Medal
  Bernard Clancy
  Russian Arctic
    Rossica Society Award
  G. A. Ackerman
 Vermeil Medals  
  A Postal History of "The Thousand Mile War"   Eric Knapp
  United States Official Stamps, 1873-1884: Their Distribution and Usage
    Lynne Warm-Griffiths Memorial Award
  Alan C. Campbell
  Inauguration of the 1855 10 Cent Trans-continental Rate from the U. S. West Coast   John Birkinbine II
  Early Postmarks of the Trans Siberian Railroad
    AAPE Award of Honor
  Dr. Edward J. Laveroni
  Aquatic Interrupted Mail
    NSDA Most Popular Exhibit (People's Choice)
  G. A. Santangelo
  Used Plate Numbers of the U. S. 1851 - 1908   Carl Shaff II
  Zeppelin Stamps from the Golden Age: 1900-1940
    AAPE Novice Award
  Dr. Edward Field
  Latvia Traditional Philately, 1918 - 1945   Valentins Dabols
  South Australia   "Adelaide"
  India: Edward VII   Steven Zwillinger
  Van Diemen's Land Pre-Adhesive Handstamps 1822-1853
    AAPE Award of Honor
  David McNamee
  Ambassadors of Antarctica
    American Topical Association Medal (First)
  William J. Snider
 Silver Medals  
  A Postal History - The Stampless Covers of the City of Basel, Switzerland Between 1770 and 1865   Steve P. Turchik
  Hooligan's Navy in Antarctica   John Young
  U. S. Air Mail First Days of 1920's - The Wide Format Issues   Allen Klein
  Ireland Postal History 1672 - 1900
    Eire Philatelic Association - EPA Medal
  Garvin F. Lohman


 Gold Medals  
  Edward VII Telegraph Stamps of India
    India Study Circle Medal
  Steven Zwillinger
  India's 1902 Quarter - Anna Postcard   Steven Zwillinger
  Earliest Arctic Polar Mail
    American Society of Polar Philatelists Grand Award
  Eileen Hall
  Egyptian Salt Revenues
    AAPE Creativity Medal
  Richard Miggins
  U. S. Internment of German Nationals in WW I   Louis Fiset
  British Forces In Ireland 1920 - 1922   Alfred F. Kugel
  SCADTA Postal Stationery
    SESCAL Back of the Book Award
  Jerome V. V. Kasper
  Trinidad Connections of the 1931 Dornier DO-X South American Flight
    American Air Mail Society Award
  Dr. Reuben A. Ramkissoon
  Philippines 1939 Malacanan Palace Issue
    International Philippines Philatelic Society Medal (Eugene A. Garrett Award)
  Richard Miggins
  The Pre-Decimal Booklets of Ireland
    Mercer R. Bower Multi-Frame-Memorial Award
  Bernard Clancy
  Dark Caves - Bright Visions
    American Topical Association One-Frame Merit Award
  Fran Adams
 Vermeil Medals  
  Yorktown Unofficial Old Ironsides First Days   Allen Klein
  Ireland Propaganda Labels 1865 - 1922   Bernard Clancy
 Silver Medals  
  United Nations Conference on International Organization   Fran Adams
  Foreign Air Mail, FAM 18, the Northern Route June 24 - July 1, 1939
    Jewels of the Pacific Award
  William A. O'Connor
 Silver-Bronze Medals  
  Chariots and Carriages   Edward J. Mangold
  St. Patrick's Day in the United States Navy 1932 - 1942   William A. O'Connor

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solar spectrum

Literature Awards

SESCAL did NOT hold a Literature Competition this year.

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Posted 20 Jan 2006
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