SESCAL 2003 Palmares

October 3-5, 2003

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SESCAL Gold medal The awards are listed by medal level, and grouped by subject area. Special
awards are listed with the exhibit. The awards for Single-Frame exhibits are
listed here by medal level. The Literature awards follow the Philatelic awards

Philatelic Jury
Richard Drews, Chairman, Chicago, Illinois
MAJ Ted Bahry, Carlsbad, California
Anthony K. Brooks, Indianapolis, Indiana
Alfred F. Kugel, Hinsdale, Illinois
Dr. Anthony S. Wawrukiewicz, Portland, Oregon

Exhibit Title

     Ries Chapter / American First Day Cover Society
 A history of the Ries Chapter with material from cachetmakers and members.
 Members, Reis Chapter



  Philippines 1935 Pictorials: A Decade Of Use
    SESCAL Gold Award
    Michael Rogers Best Asia Award
  Richard Miggins
RESERVE GRAND AWARD / The George Bennett Memorial Award


  Man Beneath the Sea
    SESCAL Gold Award
    American Topical Association First Medal
  Roland Essig
 Gold Awards  

  Tennis $ndash; From Courtyard to Backyard, for Fun and for Fame
    Sports Philatelists International Best of Show Award
    American Topical Association Second Award
  Norman F. Jacobs, Jr.

  First U.N. Issues, 1951
    APS Medal of Excellence - 1940-1980
    United Nations Philatelists Grand Award
    United Nations Philatelists Gold Medal
  Anthony F. Dewey

  Illustrated WW2 British Military Air Letters
    India Study Circle Medal
  Jerome V.V. Kasper

  Aerogramme Errors, Freaks & Oddities
    United Postal Stationery Society Marcus White Medal
  Jerome V.V. Kasper

  Railroad Travelling Post Offices In Victoria
    APS Research Medal
    American Philatelic Congress Award
  George W. Bowman

  Swiss Imperforate Sitting Helvetia Issue, 1854-1863
    APS Medal of Excellence: Pre-1900
  Steve T. Turchik

  Germany 1934 Airmail Issue
    American Air Mail Society Award
    Germany Philatelic Society Gold Medal
  James W. Graue

  German North Atlantic Catapult Airmail and Feeder Flights, 1929-1939
    Germany Philatelic Society Silver Medal
  Werner Helms

  U. S. Internment Camp Mail In World War II
    Postal History Society Award
  Louis Fiset

  U. S. Air Mail Special Delivery Issues of 1934 $ndash; 36
    United States Stamp Society Medal
    SESCAL Back of the Book Award
  Hideo R. Yokota
 Vermeil Awards  

  A History of the League of Nations
    United Nations Philatelists Gold Award
    Arleigh Gaines Memorial Research Award
    APS Medal of Excellence: 1900-1940
  Greg S. Galletti

  Swiss Official Stamps For The UNEO & International Agencies
    United Nations Philatelists Gold Award
    AAPE Award of Honor
  Anthony F. Dewey

  Games Of The Tenth Olympiad, Los Angeles $ndash; 1932
    AAPE Award of Honor
  Conrad Klinkner

  1936 Olympische Spiele
    Germany Philatelic Society Bronze Medal
  James A. Bowman

  The World of Golf
    American Topical Association Third Medal
  Patricia Loehr
    French Olympic Philately of 1924   Dale Lilljdahl
    The Dimension of Gymnastics   Gary and Holly Gibson
    The Pashupati Era of Nepal   Paul C. Hager
    Ceres Issues And Overprints of Macau, 1913 $ndash; 1931   Cheong-too Choi
    United States of America $ndash; Used plate numbers prior to 1908   Carl Shaff, II
 Silver Awards  

  Purple Horrors: U.S. 3 Cent Commemoratives 1893 $ndash; 1945
    AAPE Creativity Medal
  Dickson Preston

  Three Cent Issue of the U.S., 1851 $ndash; 57, Plates 1 $ndash; 3
    AAPE Novice Award
  E. Caj Brejtfus
    Cancellations $ndash; United States 3 Cents, 1861 $ndash; 1867   Abe Boyarski
    Olympic Machine Cancellations 1912 $ndash; 2004   Glenn Estus
    Imperial Mail Marking Machine Company   Robert J. Payne
    St. Pierre Miquelon, 1871 $ndash; 1938   James R. Taylor
    Save The Monuments Of Nubia   Pharoa Athena
 Silver-Bronze Awards  
    China: The Northwest Scientific Expedition Set of 1932   David You Lu
 Bronze Awards  
    Greece and Olympic Games   Ursac Mircea

  PLATINUM and Single-Frame Grand Award
  Philippines: 1926 Legislative Palace Issue
    WESTPEX Merit Award
    International Philippines Philatelic Society Eugene A. Garrett Award
  Richard Miggins

  PLATINUM and Single-Frame Reserve Grand Award
  Victoria Barred Oval Cancels
    SESCAL Chairman's Merit Award
  George W. Bowman

  Founding the United Nations
    Gold UNPI medal
    American Topical Association One-Frame Award
  Francis Adams 
    Department of Agriculture   Theodore Lockwood 
    Ben and George Ride Again   Dickson Preston 

  United Nations $ndash; London
    Silver UNPI Medal
  Jack Mayer
    Men's Gymnastics: Dressed To Win   Mark C. Maestrone 
    The Wonderful World of Golf Meter Stamps   Patricia Loehr 
    Spoiled By War: The Games Of The XIIth Olympiad   Andrew Urushima 

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solar spectrum

Literature Awards

Literature Jury
Dr. Paul Tyler, Chairman, Albuquerque, New Mexico
James W. Graue, Valleyford, Washington
Dr. John Kevin Doyle, Lisle, Illinois

Societies with Web sites have active links to those sites for more information about the publication listed.

Author or Editor & Society
Publication Title      
    HB = Handbook/Special Studies
     P = Periodicals
 Gold Awards
  John L. Kimbrough & C. L. Bush HB
  Collector's Guide to Confederate Philately,  2002
  George V. Shalimoff & George B. Shaw,HB
    Jean R. Walton, ed.
    United Postal Stationery Society
  Catalogue of Propaganda-Advertising Postal Cards
  USSR, 1927-34
,  2002
  Ken Trettin, ed.P
    American Revenue Association
  The American Revenuer,  2002
  Diane De Blois & Robert Dalton Harris, eds.P
    Postal History Society
  Postal History Journal,  2002
  Jeff Radcliff, ed.P
    The Rossica Society
  Rossica  2002
 Vermeil Awards
  Sasan Baharaeen & Gordon Brooks         HB
  Revenue Stamps of Iran   2002
  Richard W. Helbock, ed. HB
    American Philatelic Congress
  The Congress Book, 2003,   2003
  Mack E. Matesen HB
  The Revenue Stamps of the State of Utah, 2002
  Richard M. Morris HB
  The Two Cent Stamp of the Small Bank Note Issue, 1890  2002
  Merhrdad Sadri HB
  Lions of Iran, 3rd ed.,  2002
 Kendall C. Sanford HB
    Stuart Rossiter Trust Fund
  Air Crash Mail of Imperial Airways & Predecessor Airlines,  2003
  Barry Newton P
    American First Day Cover Society
  First Days,  2002
  Alan Warren P
    American Society of Polar Philatelists
  Ice Cap News,  2002
  Mark Maestrone P
    Sports Philatelists International
  Journal of Sports Philately,  2002-2003
  Paul Albright, Editor P
    Scandinavian Collectors Club
  The Posthorn,  2002
 Silver Awards
  Richard W. Helbock, Ph.D.HB
    & Gary Anderson.   La Posta Publications
  United States Doanes, 2nd ed. CD-ROM,  2003.
  Richard W. Helbock, Ph.D.HB
      La Posta Publications
  United States Post Offices -Vol I - The West. CD-ROM   2003
  Merhrdad Sadri HB
  Persiphilia Standard Philatelic Catalogue: Iran-Qajar Dynasty, 2002
  Richard Powers, ed. P
    United Nations Philatelists, Inc.
  Journal of the United Nations Philatelists, Vol. 26.  2002
  Ron Walenciak P
    American Soc. of Philatelic Pages & Panels
  The Page & Panel Journal,  2002
 Silver-Bronze Awards
  Don Evans HB
    La Posta Publications
  Early Air Mail & Aviation in Southern California  CD-ROM  2003
  Dr. Michael J. Leyden, IIHB
    Tianjin People's Fine Arts Publishing House
  China-Tianjin Postal & Cultural History (1878-1947),  2003
  Patricia Ann LoehrHB
    International Philatelic Golf Society
  Handbook of Golf Slogan Meter Stamps,  2002.
  Ralph NajarHB
  Handbook of Russian Aerophilately,  2002.
 Bronze Awards
  Richard Gunderson, ed. P
    San Diego Philatelic Library
  The Philatelic Reader, Vol. 1, 2002

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