SESCAL 2002 Palmares

October 4-6, 2002

solar spectrum

  The awards are listed by medal level, and grouped by subject area. Special awards are listed with the exhibit.
The Literature awards follow the Philatelic awards listing

Philatelic Jury
Dr. Peter K. Iber, Chairman -- Peoria, Arizona
Nancy Z. Clark -- Marston Mills, Massachusetts
David L. Herendeen -- Las Vegas, Nevada
Eliot A. Landau -- Downers Grove, Illinois
Dr. Harvey Tilles -- High Point, North Carolina

Exhibit Title
     New Zealand Prisoner of War Aerogrammes
    2001 Ameristamp Expo Single-Frame Champion of Champions

  Postal History of California to 1900
    2002 AAPE Youth Champion of Champions Winner

  The Postage Due Stamps of Australia
    Grand Award Winner, BALPEX 2002
  Jerome V.V. Kasper

  Kent Kuran

  Paul Fletcher

  The Penny Dominion of New Zealand
    SESCAL Gold Award
    APS Medal of Excellence 1900-1940
    SAS/O Gold Medal
    American Philatelic Congress Award
  Paul E. Tyler, M.D.
RESERVE GRAND AWARD / The George Bennett Memorial Award

  Tobago 1772-1900
    SESCAL Gold Award
    Postal History Society Medal
  Dr. Reuben A. Ramkissoon
Gold Awards

  Chinese Airmails and Their Forerunners
    CSS Peoples Republic of China Chapter Award
    CSS Republic of China Chapter Award
    Republic of China-Taiwan Directorate General of Posts Award for Best Asia
    Michael Rogers Award for Best Asia
    American Air Mail Society Award
  David Lu

  Legal and Illegal Usages of Proprietary, Playing Cards, and
      Private-Die Stamps of the Civil War Era

    APS Medal of Excellence - Pre-1900
    United States Philatelic Classics Society Medal
    American Revenue Association Award
  Michael Mahler

  New Zealand: The Second Pictorials (1935) and Their Officials
    SAS/O Silver Medal
    APS Medal of Excellence - 1940-1980
  Robert P. Odenweller

  The Stamps of Manchukuo, 1932-1945
    CSS Award for Best China and Related Areas
    Chia Nan Chapter Award (Los Angeles)
  Marcus Kosins, Jr.

  D. Luis I Issues and Surcharges of Macau, 1888
    James R. Lee Memorial Award (Chiu Chin Shan Chapter (San Francisco))
  Choi, Cheong-too

  German North Atlantic Catapult Airmail and Feeder Flights, 1929-1939
    Germany Philatelic Society Gold Medal
  Werner Helms

  The Evolution of Usage of the Kangaroo and Map Series
    Sescal Chairman's Merit Award
  Greg Pope

  Railroad Traveling Post Offices in Colonial Victoria
  SAS/O Bronze Medal
  George W. Bowman

  City of Sacramento, 1849-1869
    Lynne Warm-Griffiths Memorial Award
  Sherry Straley
    New Zealand: 1898-1908   Robert P. Odenweller
    Samoa: The John Davis Post Office
  Martin J. Miller
    Prisoners of War: The Experience of New Zealand
        in the European Theatre in World War II
  George C. Branam
    Holyland Printed Matter 1890-1949   Donald A. Chafetz
Vermeil Awards

  The Polynesian Dependencies of New Zealand
    WESTPEX Merit Award
  J. Edgar Williams

  Appreciating U.S. Classics, 1847-1868
    United States Stamp Society Medal
  Ken Gilbart

  Canal Zone Permanent Issue Rates and Uses 1928-1979
    APS Best Research Medal
  Dickson Preston

  Pharos: Lighthouses of the World
    American Topical Association Gold Medal
  Dalene Thomas
    China's Wartime Surcharges: 1937-1945   H. James Maxwell
    Salute to U.S.S. Macon ZRS-5: America's Last Queen of the Skies   Allen Klein
    Haitian Revenue Paper and Stamps, 1811-2001   Dr. Gerald L. Boarino
Silver Awards

  Illustrated WWII British Military Air Letters
    AAPE Creativity Medal
    India Study Circle Award
  Jerome V.V. Kasper
    U.S. Stamps and Covers 1842-1869   Dr. Richard Searing
    U.S. Eagle Airmail of 1938   Danny C. Ko
    The Aerogrammes of Iceland   Jerome V.V. Kasper
Silver-Bronze Awards
    The Transportation of Mail To, From, and In Greenland, 1721-2002   Dan Laursen
Bronze Awards
    Chinese Treasures from the Back of the Book   Ed Bohannon
    The United States Blue Grant Postal Card Postal Issue of 1891   Edward C. LaFountain

  SCADTA Postal Stationery
    SESCAL Gold Award
    SESCAL Back of the Book Award
  Jerome V.V. Kasper

  Philippines: 1926 Legislative Palace Issue
    Eugene A. Garrett Award, International Philippines Philatelic Society
  Richard Miggins

  The Complete T. Rex
    American Topical Association One-Frame Award
  Francis Adams 
    Philippines - 2c red Rizal General Issue Postage Stamps, 1935-1945   Richard Miggins 

  The Late Civil War Provisional Issues of Northeast Jiangxi Province
  AAPE Award of Honor
  Hugh Lawrence 

  Luxembourg First Issue
    AAPE Award of Honor
  Ed Jarvis

  Lindbergh Air Mail First Days — U.S. 10 Cent Issues of 1927 & 1928
    American First Day Cover Society Ribbon
  Allen Klein
    China's Silver Yuan Commemoratives   H. James Maxwell
    China-An Introduction to the Local Republican Overprints, 1911-1912   Vincent P. Polizatto
    The M.S. Gripsolm During World War II:
      Mail Linked to the Far East Diplomatic Exchange Voyages
  Louis Fiset
  Toward United Nations
  Francis Adams
  100 Years of Chinese Official Postal Seals
  H. James Maxwell
    Siege and Blockade Mail, 1861-1967   Gennaro Santangelo
    Study of Israel's Dateless Cancellations, 1948-1955   Donald A. Chafetz
    Mail To and From the Dark Continent and Points
      in or Adjoining Bordering Seas
  Jon W. Rose

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  solar spectrum

Literature Awards

Literature Jury
Kenneth H. Trettin, Chairman -- Rockford, Iowa
Douglas N. Clark -- Marston Mills, Massachusetts
Dr. Reuben A. Ramkissoon -- Oak Brook, Illinois

Author or Editor & Society
Publication Title      
    A = Handbook/Special Studies
    B = Periodicals
Gold Awards      
  Ron Casey, Tom Zane and                          A
           Lois M. Evans-de Violini
    International Society for Japanese Philately
  Forgeries of the Dragon, Koban and Cherry Blossom Stamps
      of Japan.
  ISJP CD ROM Monograph No. 1, 2nd ed., 2002
  Diane De Blois & Robert Dalton Harris       B
    Postal History Society
  Postal History Journal,  2001
Vermeil Awards      
  Richard W. Helbock, Editor                       A
    American Philatelic Congress
  The Congress Book.  2002
  Allen Mintz, Editor                                    
    United Postal Stationery Society
  Wrappers, Cut Squares and Full Corners of the United States.
    2nd Ed., 2001
  Mark Johnston, Editor, Mexico Elmhurst    B
    Philatelic Society International
  Mexicana,  July 2001-April 2002
  Wayne Menuz, Editor                                B
    United Postal Stationery Society
  Postal Stationery,  2001
Silver Awards     
  Larry Dodson                                           A
      American Topical Association
  The Philatelic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
    ATA Handbook #139, 2000
  Ronnie Nixon                                           A
      American Topical Association
  Speleophilately — Collecting Caves on Postage Stamps.
    ATA Handbook #143, 2002
  Greg Pope                                               A
  Study of All Three Plates of the 2d Grey Kangaroo & Map Series.
    Greg Pope, Publisher, 2001
  Paul Albright, Editor                                 B
      Scandinavian Collectors Club
  The Posthorn,  2001
  Mark Bloom, Editor                                 B
      Space Unit
  Astrophile,  September 2001-August 2002
  Hugh Wynn, Editor                                  B
    Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania
  The Informer,  2001
Silver-Bronze Awards     
  Joseph Foley, General Editor                   A
      Éire Philatelic Association
  The Golden Book — 50th Anniversary Publication of the ÉPA.
  Marci Jarvis, Editor                                 B
      Cats on Stamps Study Unit
  Cat Mews,  July 2001-June 2002

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