SESCAL 2001 Palmares

October 5-7, 2001

solar spectrum

  The awards are listed by medal level, and grouped by subject area. Special awards are listed with the exhibit.
The Literature awards follow the Philatelic awards listing

Philatelic Jury
Dr. Peter P. McCann, Chairman -- Annapolis, Maryland
Andrew Cronin -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Richard Corwin -- La Jolla, California
James P. Gough -- Santa Ana, California
Robert G. Zeigler -- Indianapolis, Indiana

Note: Richard Corwin replaced Kurt Kimmel of Switzerland on two days' notice
when Swissair ceased operations on 02 October 2001. Corwin's exhibit was placed in the Court of Honor

Exhibit Title
     Blood's Despatch Post Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  The "3-Star" Coat of Arms Issues of Latvia: 1923-1933
      (AAPE Youth Champion of Champions Winner)
  Richard A. Corwin

  Dzintars Grinfelds

  Switzerland: The Sitting Helvetia Perforated Issue 1862-1883
    SESCAL Gold Award
    APS Best 19th Century Award
    Felix Ganz Memorial Grand Award
  Ralph B. Soderberg, M.D.
RESERVE GRAND AWARD / The George Bennett Memorial Award

  The Philippine Islands - 1783-1882
    SESCAL Gold Award
    Michael Rogers' Best Asia Award
  Nestor Nuñez
Gold Awards

  The Swiss Imperforate Sitting Helvetia Issue 1854-1862
    WESTPEX Award
    AHPS Gold Medal
  Steve P. Turchik

  Switzerland: An Introduction to Strubels
    AHPS Silver Medal
  Richard L. Fath 

  Switzerland's Domestic Postage Due Charges
    AHPS Bronze Medal
  Harlan F. Stone

  Canal Zone Second Air Mail Series
    APS Best 1940-1980 Award
  Paul Ammons

  Chinese Airmails and Their Forerunners
    American Air Mail Society Award
  May & David Lu 

  Keeping Pace With Inflation — The Chinese National Currency Issues
    American Philatelic Congress Award
  H. James Maxwell

  The Opening of China: Canton 1801-1856
    Postal History Society of China Multi-frame Award
  Sam C. Chiu

  Tibet: Stamps and Postal History
    APS Best 20th Century to 1940 Award;
    SESCAL Chairman's Award
  Alan Warren

  German North Atlantic Catapult Airmail and Feeder Flights, 1929-1939
    Sescal Back of the Book Award
  Werner Helms 

  Latvian Traveling Post Offices: Rates, Routes, and Cancellations
    Postal History Society Medal
  Vesma Grinfelds

  Fiscal Stamps of Latvia, 1918-1945
    APS Best Research Award
    AAPE Creativity Medal
    American Revenue Association Medal
  Valentins Dabols

  Postal History of California to 1900
    AAPE Youth Grand
    Junior Philatelists of America Award, H. E. Harris Ribbon
  Kent Kuran
    The Crown Issues and Surcharges of Macau, 1884   Cheong-Too Choi
Vermeil Awards

  Tannu Tuva 1921-1943
    Rossica National Award
  Richard Clever

  The Romanov Tercentenary Issue of Russia
    Rossica President's Award
  George V. Shalimoff

  Russia Used Abroad: The Far East
    Rossica Award
  M. R. Renfro

  Toward Swiss Airmail Service: 1900 to 1920
    AAPE Award of Honor
  George Struble

  U.S. First Bureau Issue
    United States Stamp Society Bureau Issues Association Medal
    Lynne Warm-Griffiths Memorial Award for Best US Classics to 1902
  Louise Christian

  United States of America: A Sampling of Used Plate Numbers Prior to 1908
    United States Philatelic Classics Society Medal
  Carl Shaff II

  Pre-War Macau Postal Cards
    AAPE Award of Honor
    United Postal Stationery Society Marcus White Award
  Stephen T. Y. Chan
    Foreign Censorship of Mail From & To Switzerland 1939-1945   Ernest L. Bergman
    Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic   Raymond J. Pietruszka
    Mongolia 1900-1959   Richard Clever
    Huaihai to Shanghai and Beyond:
        The Late Civil War Provisional Issues of East China
  Hugh Lawrence
    China's Airpost Philately, 1921-1941   Merrill L. Bartlett
    The Beacon   David Bizé
    Railroad Traveling Post Offices in Colonial Victoria   George W. Bowman
Silver Awards
    Swiss Internment Camps — World War II   Robert T. Kinsley
    Swiss Fondue   Bruce Marsden
    Swiss Machine Cancels   Charles. J. LaBlonde
    Independence War of 1895: The Story of the Republic of Formosa   James Ong, MD
    Purple Horrors   Dickson Preston
    The Movies   William Skinner
  NOTE    No philatelic exhibit received lower than a Silver Award at SESCAL 2001!  

  Dark Caves — Bright Visions
    American Topical Association One-frame Merit Award
  Fran Adams 

  Switzerland's 1924 UPU Commemoratives
    Best One-frame Swiss Exhibit
  Harlan F. Stone 

 A Study of the Hsuan Tung Commemorative Issue Usage of China
    Postal History Society of China One-frame Award
    Michael Rogers' Postal History Society of China Award
  Tommy Chiu 
    Ceres Issues and Overprints of Macau 1913   Cheong-Too Choi
    An Act of Defiance — China's U.S. Constitution Commemoratives   H. James Maxwell
  The Swiss deCoppet Postmarks
  Charles J. LaBlonde 
    Geneva II Rue du Stand   Charles J. LaBlonde
    Wohlen, Switzerland 1824-1868 — Highlights of the Isler & Co. Archive   Bruce Marsden
    St. Petersburg Geometric Numeral Cancellations   George V. Shalimoff
    The Postal History of the Last Chinese Empire: Hung Hsein   Sam G. Chiu

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  solar spectrum

Literature Awards

Literature Jury
Charles J. Peterson, Chairman -- Laurel, Maryland
Ken Lawrence -- State College, Pennsylvania
Alan Warren -- Exton, Pennsylvania

Copyright © 2001, FPCSC.


Author or Editor & Society
Publication Title      
    A = Handbook/Special Studies
    B = Periodicals; C = Local newsletters
Gold Award      
  Larry Lyons, Editor                        B
    The Carriers & Locals Society
  The Penny Post
Vermeil Awards      
  John H. Beachboard, Editor          A   United States Postal Card Catalog 2000
  Felix Berkovich                             A   Jewish Chess Masters on Stamps
  David Lu                                       A   A Comprehensive Illustration of Covers with
    Sinkiang Provisional Airmail Stamps, 1932-1933
  Richard W. Helbock, Editor          A   The Congress Book, 2001 / American Philatelic Congress
  Dr. Ross Marshall, Editor              B
    Australia & New Zealand Society
      of Russian Philately
  Pochta, No. 1-29, 1986-2000 (CD-ROM)
  Paul Albright, Editor                      B
    Scandinavian Collectors Club
  The Posthorn
Silver Awards     
  James A. Dingler                          A
    and Klerman W. Lopes
  Mute Cancellations of the Brazil Empire
  Larry Goldberg                            A   Falkland Islands Dependencies: The 1946 Thick Map Issue
  Raymond W. Ireson                     A   The Panama Canal Story (CD-ROM)
  George Struble, Editor                 B
    American Helvetia Philatelic Society
  Larry Goldberg                            B
    LMG Publications
  George VI
  Dr. Ross Marshall                        B
    American Society of Polar Philatelists
  Ice Cap News, Vol. 1-39, 1956-1994 (CD-ROM)
  Dr. Ross Marshall, Editor             B
    Australia & New Zealand Society
     of Russian Philately
Silver-Bronze Awards     
  Larry Goldberg                          A   Identifying the Cancellations of Tanganyika
  Larry Goldberg                          A   Identifying the Cancellations of Kenya
  Larry Goldberg                          A   Identifying the Cancellations of Basutoland
  Larry Goldberg, Editor               B
    Precancel Study Group, BNAPS
  Precancels / Canada
Bronze Award     
  Raoul LaWall, ed.                     C
    Conejo Valley Philatelic Society
  Conejo Valley Philatelic Society Monthly Newsletter