The 74th Annual Stamp Exhibition of Southern California
Oct. 12-14, 2018

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The 2018 Philatelic Jury

Dr. Peter P. McCann, Chief Judge, University Park, FL
Mr. Darrell R. Ertzberger, Arlington, VA
Mr. James P. Gough, Santa Ana, CA
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Hisey, University Park, FL
Dr. James P. Mazepa, Sarasota, FL

Apprentice Judge

Mr. Lan Qing Zhang, Rowland Heights, CA

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The Prospectus for Exhibitors for SESCAL 2018 is available here.


2018 Exhibits TBA

This is the list of exhibits that appeared in the 2017 Show. The descriptions were written by the exhibitors.

* Indicates the exhibit is non-competitive and in the Court of Honor


Frame No. Title and Description No. Frames
1 Go - The World's Oldest Board Game 1
2-5 Late 1923 Soviet Postal Rates and the Transition to the Gold Ruble
Exhibit explains the fascinating period of late 1923 Soviet postal history as the currency changed from the highly inflated Soviet ruble to the much more stable and reliable gold ruble.
6-10 The First Autopost Stamp of The United States 5
11-20 Foreign Concessions in Shanghai 1843 - 1943
This 10 frame exhibit uses old Shanghai postal cards to show the buildings, streets, parks, etc. of British, American and French concessions from 1843 - 1943.
21 Felines in Armenia and Armenian Culture
This one frame exhibit is a study of all felines of Armenia and their presence and role in Armenian culture.
22-28 United Nations Stamps For EXPO 67 - Montreal, Canada
Presentation of the design development of each of the 5 stamps for EXPO 67 through the use of photo essays and die proofs.
29 The Shanghai-Manchouli Flight by Eurasia Aviation Corporation 1
30-39 Liberia's Lithographed Stamps of 1860 - 1892
Discusses proofs, plating, color and perf variations, usage, rates and forgeries - traditional.
40 Use of $5 Stamps To Pay Registry Surcharges on Transfer of Securities: 1933 - 48
Shows implementation of USPO supplemental fee system for negotiable bonds.
41 he Mesozoic Times, Where Prehistory Meets Philately
Mysterious secrets in our mail revealed for armchair postal pre-historians.
42-49 Machine Vended Postage Labels of USA (1989 - 2014)
A display & study of all designs of machine vended postage labels of USA issued by USPS from 1989 - 2014.
50 Unissued and Recalled Stamps of the USSR
First ever exhibit to shed light on secretive and politically charged stamp approval in USSR
51-59 California Express Companies 1849 - 1895
Comprehensive showing of Calif. Express
60 *Thar She Blows! U.S. Whaling Fiscal History 1
61-68 Impressed Duty Stamps of Ireland - Documents from 1790 - 1900, Pieces to 1920's 8
69 Postal Usages of China's Red Monkey Stamp
All different usages of this most desired RC stamp shown by postally used covers.
70-73 Mozambique Company After 1918
Archival material, stamps and usages of the 1918 -1941 issues of Mozambique Company.
74 The British Concession at Chinde
A display of the historical and postal usage of the British Concession located at Chinde.
75-79 Postal Routes Between China and North America 1867 - 1945
Using postally used covers to show all different routes in the time period.
80 St. Petersberg - Moscow Railway, Nikolaevskaya Railway
Explores the first TPO markings between St. Petersburg and Moscow and the associated Nikolaev Railway Station Post Offices.
81-90 Washington-Franklin Stamp series (1908 - 23)
Postal evolution of the U. S. Third Bureau stamp Issues.
91-93 Liberia Ship Letters an Stampless Mail 1830 - 1880
Document Ports of arrival, Handstamps, postal rates on early Liberian stampless mail.
94-100 Syria: Allied Military Occupation and the Arabian Government, 1918 - 1925
This exhibit presents postal history materials from the Allied occupation of Syria and the brief Arabian Govm't. To supplement British, Arabian and French postal history materials, there will be maps, stamps and photographs related to the exhibit.
101-106 The First Modern U. S.Postage Stamp
Mail in the Industrial Revolution 1850 - 59.
107-109 Imperial China 1897 Red Revenue Surcharges and Cancellations
The exhibit shows surcharging, printing, reconstructions and cancellations of the top classic stamps of China.
110-119 The Coronation Year of King George V
The Coronation Year of King George V
120 New York City Foreign Mail Fancy Cancels 1893 - 1895
To display, off cover, a full range of the intricate geometric cancels originating in New York City 1893 - 1895.
121-130 Canadian Mourning Covers, 1840 - 1975
Comprehensive showing of Canadian postal mourning practices.
131-135 The Dis-Union of the Soviet Union, 1990 - 1995
Philatelic consequences of the breakup of the USSR.
136-140 Fragments of the History of Fencing
The exhibit describes the history of fencing from the very beginning through modern days.
141-145 Russia Foreign Postal Rates 1991 - 1996
Chronological study of inflation effect on Postal Rates.
146-152 Companhia de Mocambique - The Waterlow Issues 1918 - 1940
A display of the 1918 - 1940 Pictorial Issues of the Companhia de Mocambique.
153-160 United States Penalty Clause Mail, The Classic Period 8
161-170 Ghosts of the Glory Trail: Nevada Fiscal History 1863–1873, a Geographic Analysis 10
171-175 The Day the Earth Shook
This display exhibit tells the story of the 1988 devastating earthquake in Armenia.
176-180 Cancellations of the Provisional Era in Latvia: 1919 - 1921
Cancellations of the Provisional Era in Latvia: 1919 - 1921
181-182 Add-on Cachets to Slogan Cancellation Covers
Add-on Cachets to Slogan Cancellation Covers
183 New South Wales Penalty Clause Mail, 1898 to 1902 1
184-193 The Foreign Mail Cancels of New York City; Their Progression 1845 - 1877
Explores the development of cancels, rates, routines and destinations of letters originating in New York City.
194-199 Russian Mail via Austrian Galicia to General Postal Union 1874
Primarily routes exhibit with rates and markings.
200 Baltimore Reds: Foreign Mail 1868 - 1875
Presentation of Baltimore Foreign Mail covers with red markings. Covers




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